The first workshop was held in Halfway, Oregon in January 2019 and was co-sponsored by United Community Partners, ODFW, and Defenders of Wildlife. The event was well attended and well received and served as the model going forward for workshops in other parts of Oregon. While UCP is not sponsoring new events (because they are outside of their geographic mission boundaries) individual volunteers from UCP are helping Shella manage these follow on events.

Shella on UCP

I just want to thank UCP for a great experience. The Strategic Ranching group was in need of a fiscal partner so a workshop could be put on in Halfway for ranchers. I was in need of funding also. I did not know much about UCP but knew they helped write grants and things. I contacted Kat Davis to see where to begin. She lined me out with where to begin. What a great resource. I did a presentation to them of what I had in mind. They got behind me 100% and offered help and ideas at every turn.

If you are a local organization or group and you need a great resource please contact United Community Partners to see if they can help you. I have now moved on with my project and am going statewide and they are still helping with ideas for another fiscal partner.

– Shella

UCP Event Details

About United Community Partners


MISSION: United Community Partners facilitates access to organizational assistance for citizen-led initiatives which stimulate economic activity, foster goodwill and fellowship, and enhance Pine Valley and Panhandle communities as rural places to live and work.

United Community Partners is community development 501c3 organization in Baker County, Oregon serving the Pine-Eagle Community.