Pine Valley has typically been a very tranquil place to live. There is a lot of ranching here. With ranching comes challenges. In April, local ranches came face-to-face with one of those challenges. Wolves have taken up residence in our valley and the surrounding area. With wolves came depredations. Calves and cows were wounded and ultimately, some died.

As a local rancher, my husband and I were in the middle of this depredation. We didn’t know how to protect ourselves, our livestock, and ultimately our livelihood against this challenging predator. We struggled and stumbled along, feeling totally inadequate. We got through the spring by trial and error. We knew we needed to find a way to better prepare ourselves for the coming spring.

Images of calves attacked by wolves at Shella’s place. NOTE the images are gory so we have put them behind this link.

In September, we were offered that opportunity. Defenders of Wildlife were willing to send both of us to Tom Minor Basin near Gardner, Montana. We attended the four-day Range Rider workshop, looking for answers. What we found was hope for the future, in the form of Hilary and Andrew Anderson. From there the rest is history.